Clueless terrorism chic

July 3, 2006

Who knew that Ted Kaczynski could sell biking gloves?

So there I am, ogling the merchandise after buying a couple of bike tools, and what do I see but “Unabomber ” mountain biking gloves by Fox Racing. I’m not really sure what to say beyond that, except that I’m not buying them (not that I had plans to buy mountain-biking gloves), and I’m not buying any other products from Fox (not that I had ever purchased anything else that they made, nor had I even lusted in my heart after their products — but by gum, now I will not buy their stuff with a self-righteous satisfaction).

And since I’m not buying their stuff, nor do I care to encourage anyone else, I instead recommend products by Pearl Izumi. They’re blessedly expensive, but I’ve never been disappointed, and that is what I lust after when I loiter in the bike store. Their wind and rain jackets are especially wonderful. I bought a knock-off imitation once to save money, and it was not worth the savings, and I wish I had bought the real thing.

So there.

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