Ever wonder what happens when your hood latch comes undone at 70 miles per hour?

December 22, 2006

Your hood flaps back into your windshield, like a giant steel lasagna noodle.

This happened about a year ago. I was in the “slow” lane on 128, and WHAM! my hood is in my windshield. I decided that going straight had worked ok for the last few seconds, maybe I would keep doing that, edge into the breakdown lane, and slow down fast. I peeled the hood back, tied it down, and drove slowly home. Didn’t even wet my pants, but apparently I was a little hyper when I got home.

The windshield was a total loss, but I managed to bend the hood mostly back into shape, and it was too expensive to replace it with a nice new one (maybe when I’ve spent $700 on a lot of more important things, I could do that, but really, it’s just a car).

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