Car with Mass plates 4057 RO is a menace.

January 7, 2007

This afternoon, around 3:30, I was bike-riding with my kids. To cross one road, we pushed the button at a signaled pedestrian crossing (Concord Ave and Belmont High School), waited for the light to turn, got our walk signal, and watched a woman, talking on a cell phone, Massachusetts plates 4057 RO, blow through that red light without even slowing down.

So, lady, imagine the things that I am thinking. There’s words I wouldn’t use in front of anyone. That’s what I was thinking. I wish I’d had a rock to toss into the crosswalk, so as to crack your expensive windshield and maybe get your attention.

Nice lesson for my kids, though. People in cars can be stupid irresponsible shitheads, who would kill you because they’re too busy to notice. When you learn to drive, don’t be a shithead.

Fucking unbelievable, Ms. 4057 RO. I wish I could get your license yanked. My kids are more valuable than your time, you can take the bus. It’d give you time to think about how lucky you were that you didn’t kill anyone with your careless driving.

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