Comcast Digital Voice bait-and-switch

April 1, 2007

If someone from Comcast makes you a very attractive offer to upgrade your service to include Digital Voice, they’re lying.

I haven’t figured out what the official corporate excuse was, but we were offered an upgrade to include Digital Voice at a very good rate. And, indeed, “Digital Voice” is under $10/month. HOWEVER, somehow the rest of the services now cost enough extra that instead of a $57 bill, I got a $153 bill. $32 was one-time charges that I would swear I was told would not be charged. I assure you, if they had told us that these would be the charges, we would not have done this, and we pressed the sales guy hard on the details (or so we thought).

I’d like to think that I could convince my family that it would be ok to cancel the whole damn thing for a few months, but I don’t think I can pull that off. I’m not in a mood to waste my time on hold or talking to people without the authority to fix the problem. I could try the trick that I used on the phone company once; record my grievance on the computer, and just leave it playing in a continuous loop with the phone handset sitting next to the speaker, while I spend my time usefully.

So, be warned. Comcast salespeople will flat-out LIE TO YOU. I know that salespeople tend to put a happy face on things in general, but this is the first time I’ve ever been lied to like this.

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