Bike to work day, May 17, 2007

May 28, 2007

This was one of my more successful video adventures. The camera is actually attached to a GorillaPod, whose legs are tightly wrapped into an outside pocket of my backpack, where the binding is part of the fabric of the XtraCycle extension on the back of my bike. The intent here was to show what a cyclist in the Boston area might encounter/dodge on the way to work.

It’s also been useful to check things, like how steady a line I keep, and what my cadence actually is. For reference, this was recorded on a Canon Powershot SD550, no image stabilization, 320×240, 15fps. I split the video into four parts to (try to) cut the bandwidth consumption a little bit.

Pleasant Street, then climbing Belmont Hill and on to the Arlington water tower

Zoom! Through Arlington Heights

Arlington, along the reservoir, and then through Lexington

A last bit of Lexington (including three Grates Of Death), then a thoroughly commercial section of Burlington, and on to Sun.

(My .Mac account can only stand about two of these.)

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