Being right ought to count for something

July 24, 2007

Which is why I hope Barack Obama gets the Democratic nomination.

Obama was against the war before it started, and his reasons for opposing the war were a pretty good prediction of everything that went wrong. I view claims of “foreign policy experience” as being like showing up for class — but it’s the final exam that counts. Most of the allegedly experienced people running for president flunked the final — they supported the war, one way or another.

In addition, I find Hillary Clinton’s reasoning for not talking to North Korea to be just flat stupid: (paraphrasing) “I don’t want to give them something to make propaganda with”. Yeah, the North Koreans never make shit up, so by doing this, we’ll deny them the ability to generate propaganda, that’ll fix their wagon. Good grief. If Clinton gets the nomination, I’m sure I’ll support her, but on foreign policy, Obama is clearly the smarter choice.

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