I like this guy

August 2, 2007

So I was reading articles at cars-suck.org, and they mentioned a study by Mayer Hillman on the (large positive) tradeoff between the health benefits of cycling and the accident risks of cycling.

I thought, why should I trust these guys at car-suck, obviously they are biased, let’s go to the source, Googled for “mayer hillman bike study”, and it turns out he’s a pretty interesting guy. First, we agree on many points, which necessarily means that he’s a right-thinking person (we even agree on the educational value of minor injuries). But better, he even takes the time to check on his nut-ball ideas, to see if they are sound. Big fun.

The big interesting idea, that one that had been floating in my head without a good name, is “safety” versus “danger”. Dangerous places are often safe, if only because we are scared shitless and take extreme care — but being scared, and spending valuable time and effort on precautions, are not good things. Better to remove the scary stuff and the need to be so careful.

And actually, the guys at car-suck.org, I like them too.

Damn, this is wonderful. I’m just guessing, but I’ll bet this guy gives a more exciting lecture than Al Gore.

One Response to “I like this guy”

  1. scoutp Says:

    Hi there…scout here from FD.
    I don’t know if you saw it but I bet you would like the blog I found called NYC BikeSnob which makes fun of the NY hipsters who build shiny bikes they never ride. Given you ride and all. Anyway google it sometime because I bet it would crack you up. It’s funny and some great writing

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