My bid for ‘town crank’

October 23, 2007

My letter to the principal, selectmen, and school committee. Not likely to do much good, but saying nothing wasn’t going to work, either.

(to the principal, etc:)

I am sure that my opinion is a minority one, but the time spent on the lockdown drill would more profitably have been devoted to a lesson on safe driving. In the entire history of this nation, terrorists and mentally ill students with guns have killed only about one-tenth the number of people killed in automobile accidents every year, year after year.

Sorry if I sound undiplomatic, but I think, in a time of tight budgets, we should spend our money addressing the actual threats, and not the faddish ones.

Speaking of actual threats, I have heard recently, and found confirming information from reputable sources on the net, that immunizing schoolchildren against the flu is cost-effective and helps blunt the spread of the flu.


The flu kills roughly 90,000 people every year, and we have at least one immune-compromised child at the middle school this year; arranging for immunization of as many students as possible (some parents may object, but herd immunity is what we are after) would be a good use of our time and money.


David Chase

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