Best bicycle internet videos

December 22, 2007

80 minutes of major bicycle infrastructure advocacy (and the slides). Everyone should watch this.

Cars, mopeds, motorcycles, and busses, behaving badly

Angles morts A day in the life of a Parisian cyclist

Bicyclists behaving badly

Bike messengers are on crack.
(Lucas Brunelle video) Kids, don’t ride like this.

Mexican highway on a bicycle
(Lucas Brunelle, with intolerable music)

Riding on the Charles
(Lucas Brunelle, better music) Looks like fun to me, if you can avoid the thin ice.

London Calling – Bike Messengers Race (Lucas Brunelle). These guys are somewhat less restrained and careful than the New York messengers. Once again, not an instructional video.

Boston Bike Messenger
(more Lucas Brunelle, apparently his first)

Amazing grace

Fixed Gear Bike Tricks by Ines Brunn
I need to work on my balance a little bit.


Iron chef? No, iron bike

I can’t do THIS on my bike. I think I would break my neck if I tried. More by the same guy: “Love your job”, indeed. And Way back home. And Industrial Revolutions.

Amazing race

A great race

Track stand at a sprint.
After you. No, after you. No, really, I insist.

Nice skidding

Excerpts from Eddy Merckx hour record ride, 1972

Going really, really fast on a bicycle.


Art, such as it is.

The finest set of rollers I’ve ever seen

Giant stuffed animals doing bike tricks in a music video!

Rotary flash mob

Errol Morris ad for Miller


Cycleball, a sport I had never heard of.

Bike Descent of Tajumulco Volcano
Kinda like those truck commercials where they photoshop it or helicoptor it onto the top of a mountain, only for real, on bikes just like the one I ride to work. More of the same.

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