Immoral Ostriches

February 14, 2008

Don’t like the results of an Iraq mortality study? Lie, discredit, invent bogus connections where none exist, just make stuff up. What else would you expect from the Wall Street Journal and the rest of the Murdoch press?

Read this. (Summarized here.) I read this as a God-help-us-what-have-we-done kick in the gut.

Read this. Since we’re good and pure by definition, any contrary message is clearly the fault of a corrupt and unpatriotic messenger. Since we’re good and pure by definition, we could not possibly have killed half a million people (and if we did, they surely deserved it). That’s your right-wing media, in a nutshell, emphasis on the nut, of course. Head in the sand, pay no attention to all the blood, we don’t see it, we won’t see it.

We’ve got to get out of this damn war. It is ruining us, economically, militarily, and morally. The right-wing is now so desperate to save face, that they will tell lies and slander to discredit this study. Bizarrely, Republican senators and representatives are voting as a block to protect our President, who has probably committed war crimes (water boarding is torture; has been since the Spanish Inquisition. The president’s lawyers did not write memos justifying/excusing/redefining torture on a whim; someone asked for those opinions, and who do those lawyers work for? It goes straight to the top.) Most of these Republicans talk as if they believe in an afterlife, complete with heaven and hell, but they sure don’t act like it.

And are things getting any better now, post-“surge”? Says who? Whoever that is, what’s their track record on self-serving lies? Why would you believe Bush? He was wrong. Hell, he didn’t know Shiite from Sunni till just before we attacked. Cheney? He was wrong. Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Feith? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyone on Fox News? Wrong. Wall Street Journal? Rabid, and wrong. Bush’s pet general? Not likely. The people who were right, people like Scott Ritter, or Eric Shinseki, lost their jobs. Don’t bother listening to the people who lied you into this war, they are still lying, trying to save face and deflect blame. In a just world we’d have impeachment and war crimes trials, but for now, I am just waiting for an election. McCain used to be against torture, but now he’s not any more.

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