Ralph Nadir

February 25, 2008

Ralph is on the BBC, whinging about how none of the Democratic candidates is talking about the issues that matter to him. I wonder why?

Could it be, Ralph Bleeping Nader, that perhaps they have more important things to worry about, like a bleeping war, and a bleeping debt to the rest of the world? And how, Ralph Bleeping Nader, might we have ended up in this bleeping war? Perhaps it’s because Ralph Bleeping Egomaniac Nader ran against Gore in 2000 and took enough votes that we ended up electing George W. Bleeping Bush. And do you think, Ralph Bleeping Egomanianc Nader, that we’re going to care any more about your issues if we elect John “I think we can keep troops in Iraq for 100 years, I’m against waterboarding except when it gets in the way of party loyalty” McCain, because you run again and perhaps tip the election? Dammit to hell, we know we’ve got problems left right and center, we know that our healthcare is shot, that big oil and your old friends the car companies are spewing propaganda and disinformation about global warming, that the phone company will cheerfully let the government listen to our conversations without any warrant, we know that our tax code is insufficiently progressive — but we’ve got to get out of this damn war, we’ve got to quit spending borrowed money to line the pockets of Halliburton and Blackwater to do whatever the hell it is they’re doing in Iraq. Our president, by pre-9/11 standards, is a war criminal, and all the members of his party are still supporting him. Doesn’t that alarm you an itty-bitty bit? The Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they are incompetent and/or corrupt and/or insane, let’s first get them the hell out before they do any more damage. Yes, the Democrats aren’t perfect, but I think that George Bush and his bizarre cult of loyal Republicans have demonstrated that yes, in fact, there is a difference between the two parties.

What an idiot.

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