Crazy Republican talking points

August 4, 2008

They must know that they’re spouting nonsense. I guess we’re all supposed to be gullible.The idea that we can drill our way, this year, out of our oil addiction, by allowing more leases to drill in ANWR and offshore, is insane. It’s not enough oil, it won’t hit the market for a decade, and the oil companies aren’t drilling all the leases that they’ve got already. Follow the money, who really benefits? The American oil companies need to add to their reserves, and know that if they can’t get their hands on the leases now with a Republican president and a price spike, then they’ll probably never get them. That’s all there is to it — and none of this is a secret, so you know that the talking heads on the Mclaughlin Group are just Republican Barbie and Ken Dolls. Pull the string, out comes a talking point.

McCain’s “plans” to balance the budget don’t make any sense, either. Forget waste and mismanagement, everyone’s promised to get rid of that, I’m sure that either it’s gone already, or McCain will do no better than anyone else. It’s Bush’s tax cuts (for the rich) that have blown a hole in the budget, and continuing those cuts will blow the hole bigger. Claiming that “Obama will raise your taxes” is 95% false, because for 95% of the population, there’s no tax increase, and the last time we had taxes similar to what Obama proposes, we had a lovely booming economy. Again, no secret, they say it anyhow. One unusual feature of the lower-taxes-on-the-rich Bush “recovery”, is that nothing trickled down to the middle class or poor; adjusted for inflation, wages are actually down. We’ve done the experiment, and it failed.

And the gay marriage thing. Good grief. We live in Massachusetts, and it has zero negative effect on anyone. I’m sure that if someone filed for divorce and claimed it was a cause, we would hear it on the news. On the plus side, I know of three gay couples that got married, and they’re all apparently glad of it. One couple is a pair of former colleagues who’ve been living together for years, and J says that she didn’t think it would make much difference, but it did, and it’s nice. How can anyone be against this? No church is required to perform weddings they don’t want to, nobody has made any headway marrying multiple spouses, their pet, or their plastic doll — all the good stuff that was predicted, happened, and all of the bad stuff that was predicted, didn’t.

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