Wrist watch instructions, Sharp SHP2092

November 22, 2008

Lost the instructions once, never again.All the settings seem to go through the start/stop button. If you hold it down for 3 (not 2, not 4, but 3) seconds, it toggles in and out of “set the watch mode”. You can tell you are in it because the seconds at the bottom go all blinky. Use (quick press) start/stop to move from seconds, to minutes, to hours, to year, to month, to day. Mode subtracts, reset adds.

To set alarms, etc, first put the watch into Alarm Mode (Mode button, again).
Use the reset button to move to the selected alarm (1-5).
Hold the start/stop button for 3 seconds to toggle into “set the alarm mode”.
Quick press of start/stop moves between things to set (kind of alarm, hours, minutes).
Mode subtracts, reset adds.
3 second hold of start/stop takes you out of setting mode.

See also (maybe you have a different watch) instructions for an Ascent watch.

3 Responses to “Wrist watch instructions, Sharp SHP2092”

  1. legendmove Says:

    thank u so much,i can’t open sharpusa website and my instructions is not for a digital watch
    finally i figured out how to set my SRP 3163 watch

  2. Sean Kennedy Says:

    it beeps after every hour how to turn it off?

  3. TravisGood Says:

    Years later, this post is still useful. Thanks!

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