Wrist watch instructions, Ascent watch

November 22, 2008

Lost them once, never again. This watch has no other ID on it, it has a black body and strap, yellow buttons and trim.Set/Reset takes you in and out of setting mode. This is not a watch to leave rattling around in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Initially, the seconds (little circle, upper right) blink.

Mode takes you from seconds to hours, minutes, month, day, weekday, 12/24.

Start/stop advances whatever you are setting.

To set the alarm, use Mode to change to alarm mode. In alarm mode, the alarm can be adjusted with the Start/stop button. Set/Reset takes you to/from time setting, where you can choose the hour and minute for two different alarm times (which by default, seem to be the same time).

See also (maybe you have a different watch) instructions for a Sharp wristwatch.

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