No universal health care yet

May 24, 2009

I mean, it’s been weeks.
It’s worth remembering, when you hear anti-universal-care propaganda, that they are lying. We pay more than anyone by a large margin, measured either in absolute dollars, or as percentage of our GDP, and among “modern” countries (OECD, more or less) we die sooner, we live sicker, and more of our babies die in infancy.

If you hear it would be expensive, remember that what we have now, is already expensive — it’s just, instead of “taxes”, you pay “insurance premiums” (or your employer pays “insurance premiums”), or you do without because you cannot afford it, (and/)or you go bankrupt. Wheher it is “premiums” or “taxes”, it is money out of my pocket.

The people advertising against this do not have your interests in mind; they have their own financial interests in mind. It takes a lot of parasites in the system for us to spend as much as we do, yet deliver such incredibly inferior results. The parasites fund propaganda.

There are a few people who have this crazy idea that market healthcare solutions would work better. They are airy-fairy theoreticians who ignore the experimental data — 20+ countries with cheaper, better, universal, health care.

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