Thanks, Senator Kennedy

August 27, 2009

Changed jobs twice over the years while the family had a “pre-existing condition”, i.e., pregnancy. COBRA, which incorporated Kennedy’s “fairly small step” to extend health insurance coverage, saved our butt, both times.

It’s expensive, but it beats the alternative. Also, anyone doing this, be aware of the following details:

  • You have to keep the old insurance running till the OB/GYN gives the ok at a follow-up appointment;
  • The new baby is NOT a pre-existing condition, and emerges, covered by whatever new insurance you might have, poof!
  • The hospital may get the billing wrong on this last detail, which can result in a telephone call after you arrive home with the baby, claiming that (s)he is not on the insurance. Tell them to bill it to the new insurance.

Thanks again, Senator Kennedy.

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