Bike rescue

August 30, 2009

It was supposed to rain, so I was driving to work, saw this out in someone’s trash, and it followed me home. $45 in parts from the Broadway Bicycle School, plus new bearings for the headset, and it’s a bike again.


I have no idea what is going on with the paint job.

I took it to the B’way Bike School on the Big Dummy, which turned out to be a good idea because that way I didn’t need to mess with parking; things were slow enough, they were happy to let me wheel the whole thing in, and then we took inventory of all the missing bits.

The headset was the worst I have ever seen, so I had to rebuild it. The top bearings were full of some crusty stuff, so I cleaned it all out with turpentine. I washed the bearings in turpentine, and when, for grins, I put a magnet on the bottom of the tin, look what stuck:


No, not The Blob. Magnetic dirt, that used to be ball bearings (and races, no doubt). I bought new BBs, from the nice guys at Wheelworks down the street.

There’s a trick for getting old rusted threaded stems loose without destroying the bolt; use a cold pack to cool the stem, and it contracts a hair, and then you can move the bolt. Greased up seven ways to Sunday on reassembly, of course.


(No, it did not get that much shorter, that is after loosening the bolt, on an older bike.)

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