More chaincase upgrades

October 10, 2009

The chain case serves two purposes; keep my pants clean, and keep the chain “clean”, such as it is.
First, I added what I guess I have to call “pants ramps” or “cuff ramps”. My pants don’t usually catch on the mounting brackets, but last time they did, it was quite a surprise. I was out of the saddle and pushing hard and fast, and OOPS! Turns out they make Sculpey (bakeable plastic modelling clay) in “silver”, and I also had some silver paint. So, I put an 8mm socket on the mounting nuts, and mushed and carved till I liked it. With the soft clay sticking to the chain case, I took the whole thing off the bike and put it in the oven (275 F for 30 minutes). It cooled fast afterwards. I used super glue to fasten the hardened ramps to case, and then put a little silver paint on them to get them closer to the aluminum.



Second, I took a piece of plastic sheet from the hobby shop, cut it to fit the inside of the chain case, marked holes for the mounting pegs, and then cut holes for the pegs, bottom bracket, and the PVC mount. The plan is that this will keep most of the muddy tire splash off the chain.



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