Behringer iAxe393 USB Guitar, does not work with Mac

December 19, 2009

AKA “ThinkGeek – Ticket #BPT-31853-141”
So far, no good. Instructions are 3 years old, do not describe current Macintoshes. Standard minor amounts of fiddling and Googling has failed to yield a silver configuration bullet. I told the guys at ThinkGeek I would document my results, and I meant it. If I ever get this to work, you will read it here, and I will document what worked.

Thinkgeek has at least got polite-and-rapid-response on a Saturday figured out, let’s see if they can get something useful out of the manufacturer, which is where I think the problem originates.

Leopard installer patch?

“The installer could not be patched. Patching will be canceled.”

D’OH! Turn up the volume on the guitar!

It’s very quiet, even all the way up.

I need to tinker with the settings some, perhaps, but in fairness to ThinkGeek and Behringer, I need to retract my rant. The only thing I can fault them, is that the guitar is really quiet into the USB Codec, and they mentioned none of this in the documentation.

I still need to post the for-Snow-Leopard version of the pictures.

2 Responses to “Behringer iAxe393 USB Guitar, does not work with Mac”

  1. Did you manage to install it ?
    I’ve got one too, back when I had a PC. Now I’m on a mac and I really want it to work with the iAxe 393

    • dr2chase Says:

      Yes, we did get it working. I don’t recall exactly what we did (I need to ask my son) but at one step along the way, the volume was very, very low, so I thought it was not working at all.

      I think we got it working with Audacity.

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