Further second system adventures

May 5, 2010

So, in my copious free time, I tweak and fiddle on the bike light design I’d like to design next.

I thought I was close; I’ve been figuring out the rough timing parameters on the software, and how quickly voltages will swing (slowly) and how long it will take me to detect the swings (several centiseconds) and what the big loop cycle time ought to be (2400Hz).  But I can just track the current in the control loop, and that should be ok.  So, life is good.

And then I realized that I could embed solar panels, under acrylic or polycarbonate, on my snap deck.  150 square inches accessible, I could put enough solar cells on there to get perhaps 10 watts of power.  That would be nice, for daytime use — but it would cost $75 for the cells.  (I don’t believe these estimates — the site I found with Google provides watt estimates that I know are incorrectly high because they simply multiplied Vopen circuit and Ishort circuit).

Decisions, decisions.


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