I need to strangle someone on the OpenOffice UI team

May 28, 2010

So, ever work on a spreadsheet on a deadline? Don’t you love it when there’s a PAIR of UI flaws so egregious that you can, over time, detail exactly how they interact to destroy valuable data in a spreadsheet? Don’t you even more love it when open source software does not provide an easy (where’s the effing link in the support page, guys? You want bug reports to improve your software, MAKE IT EASY TO FILE BUGS. I do not want to join your ever-loving “community”, I have a job to do and little time to do it).

Bug #1. Fan-F does not take you to the search window. It “takes you to the search window if it is not already open, otherwise, it close the search window and leaves you in a cell”.

Bug #2. When you overtype the contents of a cell (as if you mistakenly thought your keystrokes would be directed to a search window, instead of the formula bar), UNDO IS UNABLE TO RESTORE WHAT YOU OVERTYPED!!!!!

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Want to know why open source software still has not displaced the for-profit junk? It’s lack of attention to details like these. Some clot-headed fuzzy-lipped libertarian junior hacker probably thought that toggle was better than just always taking you to the search window.

And Why The Firetruck does FAN-G not repeat the previous search? Are you completely unacquainted with Macintosh UI conventions? You think yours are better? Wrong-O, FSF-Breath, standard is better than better, and we’re talking about the UI on the most widely deployed Unix desktop on the planet.

And oh yeah, your database crashed doing a 14000-row join, and it lacks “DIFFERENCE”, which is kind of a shame.

And this is my bug report. MacOS 10.6.3, Intel Core Duo, OpenOffice 3.2.0 Build 9483.

2 Responses to “I need to strangle someone on the OpenOffice UI team”

  1. wsanders Says:

    My pet OO peeve: For years, the default options for “Paste Special” have been Text, Date/Time, Formulas, Notes, Formats, AND Objects. And you can’t change the defaults, and it doesn’t remember the state of the options after you quit. I have yet to find where in the code this is all set. I have wasted countless seconds, if not minutes, of my time, unchecking these boxes.

    Dirty unwashed hippies!

    • pbchase Says:

      I know this “feature” and hate it too. When I am in a spreadsheet and use “paste special” I want it to paste the numbers, not the functions. Other than the occasional “transpose”, its the only special paste I do.

      How about this OO UI problem: When you sort data in OOCalc, the “Range contains column labels” check box is on a different tab from the sort criteria. That is soooooo annoying.

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