Grant Petersen is right

August 3, 2010

I used to think I could not get by without my cleated bike shoes. This spring I tried some MKS EZY pedals so I could swap back and forth. Only problem is, I started riding more without cleats, and didn’t swap back.These are my bike shoes this summer:


and yesterday, wearing them, I set a personal best for the trip home, FIVE MINUTES better than my previous best time, in cleats or otherwise, wearing a floppy shirt, floppy shorts, with a headwind, running a several-watt hub generator. And no, I did not run any red lights, and I ran no more stop signs in 40 minutes than I have seen cars run in one minute.

The nicest think about flip-flops is, when you dismount, you can make a heck of a noise if you want to.

(For those who don’t know, Grant Petersen, a famous cycling curmudgeon, bicycle designer, and generally correct guy.)

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