VO Mini-rack installed on Weinmann Vainqueur 999 brakes

September 5, 2010

Follow-up — sadly, the bending was too much, and it eventually cracked. So though you could do what I did, I don’t think it is recommended.

I got a Velo-Orange ENE mini-rack for my lightweight bike. I did not have the exact brakes specified, but I did have (old) Weinmann brakes, which were on the list that had been tried. Installing it was more work than I expected, but I did it. You might want to see what I had to do to make it fit before you try it. Three cheers for steel, that will bend, and bend, and bend.The brakes were very old, and required a 12mm cone wrench (not listed on the web site, write and ask, it’s a 12/14 combo) for installation. Notice also that at least one pivot bolt had been replaced by 1985, when I bought this bike (it’s an Austrian Capo Modell Sieger, from the 60s, imported into California). The pivot bolt attachments were spaced perfectly:

But the center mounting extended much too far back, and also would have interfered with the lower end of the headset because it was in a plane perpendicular to the mounting bolt.
So I bent it, a lot, taking care to leave clearance for the brake levers and the yoke.

It’s not a large bracket. Yes, the mounting bolt is not aligned correctly, it’s fixed now.

Yes, the derailer cables need trimming. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I want the shifters to go. In this picture: Montmartre bars, cork/rubber grips, cheap levers, knob grips, Paul’s Thumbies, Crane bell, Nitto Technomic Deluxe. At the bottom, MKS EZY Promenade pedal, so I can swap out for cleats if I feel like it (or quickly stuff the bike in a bike box).

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