Giant yard project, almost done

November 4, 2010

I began working on this before Bush’s second term. The back of our lot slopes rather much, and the only thing stabilizing it was the roots of a silver maple, which suck all the water out of the soil. So I set to work building a series of low walls to terrace it. All the walls are built now, I have one set of stairs (not shown), remaining consruction includes some detail fill-in, and some railings to prevent tumbling off the steps or off the edge.

The silver maple was struck by lightning a few years ago, and as is obvious from the picture, leans towards the neighbors. The trunk ends just above the edge of the picture (waiting for the ground to freeze, so we can drop it carefully); the rest is piled all over the terrace.

All the dirt, was imported by me (bought 4 yards) and Rory P., who has his own yard project, which is generating an excess of dirt for him. One more yard would have been nice, but between moving the logs and moving the dirt, I am feeling a little beat.

This is what my neighbor sees. I hope it’s ok….


Grand plans include lots of lilies and other bulbs for flowers, plus some sort of a shrub or small tree for the next-to-top row, so that everyone has a bit more privacy.

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