Standlight packaging, round two

December 2, 2010

Figured out the wax thing (probably). I suspect that the BuckPuck has an overheat circuit, and was still hot from the melted wax when I tested it.

The official bottle-cage container was not at all durable, and really a waste of money. Instead, I am using a tighter-fighting, cheaper, with reliable screw-top, Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter jar. Also, I decided to ditch the 8xAA battery pack, and will either use a 9 volt battery, or am 8xAAA pack, which can fit into a little bubble wrap to protect the electronics, while still leaving it loose.

New effort, being tested:




In a (particular) bottle cage:


Lid off, showing holes for wires (not yet sealed) and easily accessed standlight-controlling chip, with switch and over-voltage LED. The battery switch PCB (itself coated in wax) flips up out of the way to allow access to the battery.


I’m not 100% sure on the wax potting; it adds weight, which is not for everyone. I’ve also laid out the circuit on a larger rectangular board with room for zip-tie-downs for the large capacitors, which is a lighter-weight way to immobilize them. However, it doesn’t fit as well into a cage-compatible container.

Interestingly, the battery controller is very sensitive to static discharge; touching any part with a finger after turning it off, tends to turn it back on. I’m not sure this matters, but it would be nice to make it be a little less excited about turning on.

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