Burlington, Mass, bike and ped unfriendly

December 3, 2010

It’s not even very nice for cars.

The worst part of my commute to work, is the last mile or so, through Burlington. The road — Middlesex Turnpike — is rumpled asphalt and piles of leftover winter sand. I can avoid a bunch of it by taking a left turn through an office park, but one day when traffic was heavy, I noticed something missing. Maybe you can spot it. (Hint: what if you had to walk across the road?)

Thanks to Google for the pretty pictures. I grabbed them with FlySketch, and rotated and cropped with Acorn.

Untitled 2.png
  Untitled 3.png
  Untitled 4.png
   Untitled 5.png
   Untitled 6.png
   Untitled 7.png

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