Yes, I own all of Edward Tufte’s books. Why do you ask?

December 14, 2010

This Wired article describing “America’s worst commutes”, based on this article at bundle.com, included a chart for commute volume and length.

Commenter frantaylor noticed that the chart would make Edward Tufte’s hall of shame.

So I fixed it. I hope I have given ample credit above, that nobody minds this modified chart. (If there is a problem, let me know, I will disappear it within minutes if I am online, hours otherwise.) The original is included in both of the articles referenced above, along with a great deal of explanatory text, that deserves reading. Click image for full size.


One Response to “Yes, I own all of Edward Tufte’s books. Why do you ask?”

  1. firthr Says:


    as for the data…I question Houston’s low numbers. anecdotal evidence from a multitude of co-workers tells me that the average commute should be significantly higher (i.e. Katy and Woodlands).

    now would you please redo to show average commute distance / average commute time / average delay (the original was flawed in showing the last of these per year…be consistent darnit).

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