A dozen possible reasons why we’re so fat

December 16, 2010

Two possible (popular) reasons are that we eat too much and exercise too little.

But there’s (at least) ten other possible causes, with some reason to consider them plausible.

  • Sleep debt
  • Endocrine disruptors; chemicals don’t just make us girly-men, they make us fat girly-men.
  • Indoor climate control; sweating and shivering doesn’t so much build character, as reduce your size, so that the character-per-pound increases.
  • Less smoking.
  • This is your blobby body on drugs; all that stuff we take to smooth our moods, makes us eat foods
  • Older mothers (it’s always mom’s fault)
  • Demographics
  • Intrauterine/intergenerational effects
  • Fat = fertile
  • “Non-random mating and floor effects”

All these crazy ideas are explained and semi-justified in the paper.

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