I wish my rants were this coherent

January 18, 2011

From At War With The Motorist:

If it’s true that fuel prices are becoming a major problem for a significant portion of our population then it is an outrage that the government isn’t doing more to correct the failings that have forced so many powerless people into this expensive dependency. If it’s true that fuel prices are such a problem for you then it sounds like it’s time for you to stand up, admit that you have a problem, and scream at the government not for another short-lived high, but for the help that you need to kick the habit. If it’s true that this is such a big and urgent problem for so many people, then it’s time for Philip Hammond to put down the high-speed train set, stop pretending that this is a little unimportant job that our broke borough councils or the Big Society can handle, and come up with the big and urgent solution it needs. It’s time to seek help, and it’s time for the government to provide it.

Government’s supposed to take the long view, and watch out for bad games, like “Cars make the roads dangerous, that’s why I drive for safety”. Our plan for dealing with scarce oil and effective greenhouse gas reductions ought to be more than “pray for a technical fix”, especially when we must worry about other resource shortages (lithium, coltan, arable land, water), and when we are pushing up against the limits of thermodynamics in energy conversion.

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