Too much torque

April 10, 2011

New chain, new rear cog, new front chainring (38T). 4 weeks of use (200 miles):Untitled


I’m trying a new chainring (10% larger, 42T), I am thinking seriously about a new rear cog (23T) and an even larger chainring (48T).

2 Responses to “Too much torque”

  1. psteckler Says:

    On a fixie?

    • dr2chase Says:

      Cargo bike. With stock cogs on the rear IGH, you tend to want a 38T front ring for lowest low gear that does not exceed limits on the hub itself. But that kind of wear in 200 miles is just not supposed to happen. Larger chainrings, pedaling moves more chain, but with a proportionally lower force.

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