If your iPod Touch glass breaks, don’t buy a self-service repair kit

July 9, 2011

Just tried one. The online instructions (three or four different versions) are insufficiently detailed, and the first step is apparently impossible. It will only waste your time and money, and maybe break your iPod. The worst instructions tell you to use a “safe opening tool” (with link to a bunch of spudgers) but show a picture of a razor knife. My guess is, if they told you to use the tool that worked (the knife) and you cut yourself, they’d get in trouble, so they tell you to use useless spudgers, but show you pictures of knives so you’ll eventually try that (but the arterial bleeding will be your fault, not theirs).

So if you are tempted by one of those products online, Just Say No. Get a professional to repair it instead. Learn from my mistakes.

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