“Holier than thou”

July 18, 2011

Look at the comments on any newspaper story about bicycles and the law, and you see remarks like that, along with “a sense of entitlement”, and “Hey, I’m superior, I’m saving the planet”.

And cyclists read this and think “you are SO right, we do agree.” Yes, we are smug, and somehow we stay smug, no matter how often it is pointed out. If you take the trouble to think it through (quite an imposition for some people, I know) there’s a bunch of good reasons to ride a bicycle, and not too many good reasons for driving a car, mostly boiling down to saving time, avoiding sweat, and worries about the careless way that “other people” drive their cars.

One Response to ““Holier than thou””

  1. psteckler Says:

    Right on and amen!

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