Drunk in car kills, blame (charge and convict!) the victim’s mom

July 22, 2011

When DFHs like me say things like “cars kill” (they do, you can look it up and count dead bodies), and “we’ve got a car-sick culture”, this is the kind of crap that we’re talking about.

There’s no excuse for any of this — not for the road (mal-)design, not for the ludicrously high speed limits, not for the idea that cars should not stop, ANYWHERE, when a mom with small kids needs to cross a road, not for the coddling of drunk drivers, not for the idiot who decided to prosecute the victim, not for the members of the jury who voted to convict. This is an insult to moms, to blacks, to people who take the bus, and to pedestrians. This is an abomination.

We have similar crap infrastructure here in Massachusetts. That section of road is part of my daily commute; the crosswalk-less section extends off both ends of the photos shown, for a total length of 2.4 miles.

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