Clever tie-dye trick

July 30, 2011

When we mess with dye (tie-dye, batik, whatever) I have ended up as the default mixer-of-dye. This involves making large quantities of dye base (water, salt, urea) and mixing it with powdered dye, typically about a table spoon per cup of dye base. Till now, this involved a round of rinsing every time I switched colors, to clean everything off.

The new trick, is to use a long skinny funnel, and to put the dye base in a squirt bottle. This lets me dump the powdered dye in the funnel, leave the measuring spoon there, and then carefully squirt the base on the funnel and spoons to rinse it all down into the bottle I am filling. As soon as the funnel is clean, remove it, rotate the bottle being filled as you squirt down the side to bust up all the little dye clumps. Works great, I did eight bottles this way, only had to rinse the funnel twice, and my hand once, and then it was only little drops, not huge splashes of dye.

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