Social science experiment

March 23, 2012

Try this experiment. Take a bicycle out to a bike trail with any significant traffic at all. Pull off to the side, and start fiddling with your bike. Every third person will stop or call out to see if you need any help.

Next, try putting the hood up on your car, parked on a busy street (Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, in particular). Stand next to the car facing traffic with some jumper cables in your hand, out where drivers can see them, almost as if you needed a jump to start your car. Dozens of cars will drive by and many minutes will elapse before anyone will stop to help (at least, that was my experience today).

Draw your own conclusions.

One Response to “Social science experiment”

  1. David Sass Says:

    I got a flat tire shortly after I bought my first road bike. I was unprepared without a kit or pump. Within a couple of minutes a nice gentleman stopped to help me. He changed the tube with an old patched one he had with him and took my old puntured one. We where both back on road in less than five minutes. Thanks again whoever you are.

    Boaters are great about giving a helping hand also

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