New laptop glitches

June 18, 2012

This is more or less a log, maybe I’ll bother Apple about it. The from-backup-disk install (Lion to Lion) was surprisingly good, but there were a few glitches:

  • The command line tools for XCode were installed on the old system, but not the new.
  • Java was installed/enabled on the old system, but not the new.

This was a surprising pair of omissions, because (on the other hand) all my MacPorts stuff woke up happy, including the auto-started apache daemon for the Trac server I run on my laptop.

Whoops, one more glitch — it did not automatically transfer over my iTunes authorizations, or ask me if I would like that to happen. And for some reason, the store is not answering the request to authorize the new computer. DRM, I hate it. This is why I don’t buy DRM’d music anymore — not sure if iTunes store is or isn’t nowadays, because when I switched to eMusic, it was, and Apple hasn’t fixed the problem yet for the music I bought from them so long ago. (Dear RIAA: I curse you guys everytime this happens. Way to screw over your paying customers; the pirates deliver a superior product.)

Happiest surprise: realizing that with spaces and swipes (no idea how long these have been supported, but only with Lion did I start to pay attention), I could run my “Complete” New Yorker in its own screen-hogging “space”, and just swipe back and forth to it at my convenience. Next thing to try is to see if this same trick works for screen-hogging games like Civ 5; I fear it will not.

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