Alternate chain tensioner stop for Rohloff

August 26, 2012

Not of general interest, but I am proud of my handiwork. This is for a Rohloff hub and tensioner. The problem with the tensioner, at least on my bicycle (Big Dummy), is that there is a stop-peg for setting how far forward the cage can go, that also limits how far back the cage can go, and this gets in the way of removing the wheel. For something as expensive as a Rohloff (and the Big Dummy’s not exactly cheap, either), everything should just work, and it didn’t, so this was a problem. Looking at it, I realized that I could build my own stop from any sort of flat stuff (I also have some Corian countertop scraps that would have served), and then remove the peg. I did this, and after one false start (hand to do a second pass with a Dremel) it worked.


I suppose I should do the work to render this into a 3-d model, so that I can have them fabbed by Ponoko or Shapeways or something, but I’ve got mine, and the market for Big Dummy’s equipped with Rohloff hubs AND chain tensioners is probably not that large.

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