Comparative Cargo

June 22, 2013

I needed 3 16-foot 2x4s, and I was not quite sure it would be a good idea to carry them on the bike. So I used the car, which fortunately is old and does not have a finish much worth caring about. It was a bit of a load:
Unhappy Honda roof under wood. I didn’t have to worry about cracking the windshield, since it was cracked already and unlikely to survive the next inspection (which is due in about a week).

So when I got it home, I decided to try it on my bike, since I needed to haul it around back anyhow, and I would take a few spins around the cul-de-sac to see how it handled. It’s safe to say that I’ve hauled worse; it was very long and I had to do a 3-point turn instead of the usual U-turn, but the wobble was well within my abilities to steer.

Next time, most likely I’ll take the bike. I think I will have a look at the wider-kickstand hack, because right now it’s too lopsided to balance. Done. (Yes, I had the parts in my box of “you never know when you might need…”) Bike stands, loaded:


One Response to “Comparative Cargo”

  1. rebeccafalbrecht Says:

    Hey! The color of your car looks similar to the bright pink car-shaped shelter for cargo bikes in Copenhagen! Lol! Many decades ago, 1980 maybe, I carried a screen house in it’s long box from Hilton tent City back to my apartment in Davis Square. I must have had it on sideways on the rear rack of my bike. The box was not nearly as long as your 16 foot, 2x4s! I can’t remember the actual journey. In Amsterdam, two weeks ago, we saw a quadricycle cargo bike parked outside of a mattress store with an attached wooden box for carrying a mattress.

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