Omnigraffle, not getting product evaluation right.

October 15, 2013

Update: I went ahead and paid for the update and upgraded to Pro, and it is lovely. But still…

Product annoyance du jour: a product that disables features when you exceed the (wall, not use) time limit on its evaluation, but doesn’t make it clear which features are disabled for this reason.

Annoyance number two: discovering that someone else made EXACTLY the same complaint on the previous release of the product, even down to looking for documentation on and not finding it.

Annoyance number three: after registering for the user forums (passing two spam filters on the way, plus an e-mail ping-back) discovering that I am still not allowed to post “ditto, why didn’t you fix this annoying problem for this release?” without pinging a human for permission to post.

So, having consumed my quota of annoying runarounds, I decided instead to post my complaint here, where I already have permission to post. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to upgrade anyway, or if the previous release is good enough.

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