Negative results are still results: chaincase with derailer

August 24, 2014

The executive summary is that an SKS Chainguard, Sugino XD2 double, and old Campagnolo derailer are not a compatible combination; there was no way to make it all fit. It may be that the bottom bracket (115mm, absolute minimum width) was a hindrance.

I had hoped for something like this which we had on some rental bicycles in England:
Chainguard on an English rental bike w/ derailer
but I could not find that particular chain guard, and in hindsight it looks like the cranks are curved in a way that helps it work.

I tried lots of bending and shaping, but it looked like I would never get the clearance that I needed. I think the main impediment might be the pedals.

Here’s a Flickr set documenting all the steps; I could annotate this a little better, if someone wants me to do that. I documented my mistakes, too (accidentally put chain guard on with chain trapped behind, had to dismantle to bring around, one of the adjusting screws was insanely tight).

One Response to “Negative results are still results: chaincase with derailer”

  1. Robert Brazile Says:

    Nice idea. I picked up a Velo Orange chainguard for my Kogswell but having only just got the thing on the road I wasn’t in the mood to take apart the drivetrain one more time to fiddle with the thing. Of course it’s easy than what you were trying to do, as it’s an IGH setup.

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