Biking on ice, two boring videos

January 14, 2015

With studded tires, there’s not much to it.  If it’s flat, you go:

Not obvious in this video is that I was getting plenty of rear wheel spin after I passed the pedestrian.  I was just in a mood to scratch the ice, so I did.  It’s not at all clear that I needed the studs here, though the pedestrian seemed to think it was slippery.

If it’s a hill, sometimes you can’t go.  The rear wheel just spins, so you stop.  Careful putting your feet down, too.  It’s important to put the better tire on the front, so that “can’t go” is what happens:

Apologies for the heavy breathing; I was in a hurry to get home in the first, and climbing a 10% grade in the second.

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