Obstructing emergency services

March 21, 2015

Not too long ago, we had #BlackLivesMatter protests that blocked some of the roads in the Boston area. There was much handwringing about how ambulances and other emergency vehicles were (potentially) delayed, but in that one-time event only one ambulance was diverted, and I heard of no particular harm from this one event.

Meanwhile, almost every work day there are traffic jams that impede ambulances. On the days that I shop at Fresh Pond Mall, in the few minutes that I am outdoors I often notice an ambulance slowed or even stopped by traffic.  I assume if I spent an hour watching during the rush that I would see one or more of these delays every single day.  The delays at the protests were larger, but if you roll the dice with small delays again and again and again, eventually there will be losses. Oddly enough, nobody makes too much of a fuss about these delays.

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