Right Hook Videos

August 5, 2017

I was trying to explain to someone on Facebook that right hooks are a problem, and a problem caused by drivers, not by people riding bicycles. No dice, cyclists are jerks for yelling at drivers when this happens, and jerks for putting their license plates on the internet, thus spake the driver. But it was a lot of work to collect these videos (seriously Youtube, can I have a “search my videos” option?) so here they are:










2 Responses to “Right Hook Videos”

  1. Zvi Leve Says:

    Thanks for sharing these videos. They feel like they could have been shot here in Montréal. I will be sharing them on the Montréal bike coalition’s FB page tomorrow. They demonstrate very clearly that paint is not enough and we need to redesign our intersections to recognize the needs of other road users!


  2. Zack Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Have you ever submitted these videos to your local city for implementing some kind of fix? I’m not sure what the fix would be though, but evidence like this is really great to help with city planning.


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