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January 12, 2018

An internet bikey friend is a new-ish assistant professor of transportation, has a pile-o-books to read. I figured, why not skim off the best/most-interesting of everything I collected in Evernote over the last few years, and make a dump of it, perhaps some will be useful, perhaps it won’t.

An amazing summary of stuff
Cycling, Health and Safety (OECD)

If you’re over 50, owning a car adds 20 pounds (randomized natural experiment)
English bike commuter health/mortality study (striking results, I think there is some selection effect)
Danish mortality study
5 studies summarized (OECD publication, above, table 1.2 on pdf page 44, Danish study above is in the list)
New Zealand Study (smallest effect, cycling RR is “only” 0.87)
Cycling for Freezing Gait in Parkinson’s Disease (video)
Physical activity, self-report vs reality (picture of poster)

Road capacity

125 bikes in 45 seconds (video, Boston, kids screwing around — seconds 2-47)
84 bikes in 30 seconds (video)
45 bikes in 23 seconds (video)
27 bikes in 18 seconds (video)
25 bikes in 25 seconds (video)
24 bikes in 16 seconds (video)
22 (?) bikes in 9 seconds (video)
14 bikes and scooters in 14 seconds (video, San Francisco)
12 bikes, bonus scooter, 6 seconds (video, San Francisco)
10 bikes in 15 seconds (video, San Francisco)

Inman Square, full light cycle, 21+ bikes westbound, 16 cars westbound (cars require full 55 second cycle, 20 bikes pass in first 20 seconds)
I’ve been in one of these bike-per-second blobs at Inman when a pedestrian jaywalked, and we all parted around them like a school of fish. Cars can’t manage that at half that rate.
Bikes also manage when the box is blocked by stopped cross traffic.

Videos illustrating road capacity different ways (article and videos)
Estimating Capacity of Bicycle Path on Urban Roads in Hangzhou, China (2512 bicycles/h per meter)
Operational Analysis of Uninterrupted Bicycle Facilities (Level of Service for bike paths?)

Bicycling injury hospitalisation rates in Canadian jurisdictions (Teschke et al, helmet laws)
Vancouver drivers at fault in 93% of collisions with bicycles: city report (news article)
Bicycle Use and Cyclist Safety Following Boston’s Bicycle Infrastructure Expansion, 2009–2012
Cyclist’s video of annoying crash, shows how a driver can “not see” what is right in front of them. (video)
Cycling safer than driving for young people, new study suggests
Study blames drivers for bike crashes (study not perfect…)
30x higher hospitalization rate for helmeted Dutch cyclists (blog, great illustration of selection effect)
Risk compensation and bicycle helmets

Florida bike crashes: 7 things that may shock you
(news study)
Wearing a Bicycle Helmet Can Increase Risk Taking and Sensation Seeking in Adults
The influence of a bicycle commuter’s appearance on drivers’ overtaking proximities

Drivers overtaking bicyclists: Objective data on the effects of riding position, helmet use, vehicle type and apparent gender.

Florida bike distance passing study, somewhat replicates Ian Walker’s study
Cambridge, MA bike crash data

Comparison of bike+earbud and car+windows/stereo hearing

How many people use commuter rail? (in Boston — blog, generally interesting)

Crash injury/mortality rates by mode of travel (US).
Crash injury/mortality rates by mode of travel (England).
Crash injury/mortality rates by mode of travel (Canada).
The cost-effectiveness of bike lanes in New York City.
How driving a car into Manhattan costs $160
94% of bike riders wait at red lights
Why people jaywalk (looooong video)
People assume biker breaks law despite contrary video evidence
Comparison of cyclist and driving ability to hear
Understanding congested travel in urban areas
Transport transitions in Copenhagen: Comparing the cost of cars and bicycles (paywalled)
What is the optimal speed limit on freeways? (paywalled)

Auto air pollution
MIT air pollution deaths study (estimated 53k early death/year from cars+trucks)
Air Pollution and Criminal Activity: Evidence from Chicago Microdata
The list of diseases linked to air pollution is growing

Auto safety
International road safety comparisons (USA is not great at safety per mile, but then we drive a whole lot)
Pounds that kill (Anderson & Auffhammer SUV unsafety article)
Car helmets
Car headband
SUVs’ risk to others admitted by industry
CDC: TBI Death causes (totaled & percentages— over 1/4 of all TBI deaths come from car crashes)
CDC: TBI Hospitalization causes  (totaled & percentages— 17% of all TBI hospitalizations come from car crashes)
Literature Review on Vehicle Travel Speeds and Pedestrian Injuries
Effects of Speed on Pedestrian Fatalities
The fatal injuries of car drivers (head injuries sole cause 23%, co-cause 18%)
A long twitter thread on road crash victims in UK (scroll up, goes on, and on, and on)

Stuff I wrote
These tend to include links to spreadsheets and source documents, should anyone care to check my work.
Hypothesized mechanisms for US safety-in-numbers.
Bike share does not need helmets. Per-trip, it’s a lot safer than driving. There are caveats and quid-pro-quos — but the Cs and QPQs have larger effect than helmets.
We subsidize driving, yes we do.
Videos of not-quite right hooks, in case anyone wants to know what they look like.
A graph, by zipcodes, of the cumulative US population density.

Distributions for trip distances, for commutes and trips and general, and also a cumulative graph of the distance traveled.
TLDR=”Lots of trips are short, but long trips matter because they are long. Commutes are 26% of trips but 35% of miles.”
Various ways of looking at road damage. It’s not presented as well as I would like unless you’re comfortable with log scales.
E bikes in China (back in 2011 the boom was well under way)

Videos I made
Tortoise and hare. Biking is that much faster, zooming ahead is useless and unsafe (video)
Why run reds (video)
Ticketing bikes and reducing safety (video) (catch the ped pass at 1:27, oh well)
A 10 minute chunk of my morning commute, with various events and commentary
Most of my 6.1-mile commute, 28 minutes
A playlist of biking in the snow and cold yes it is entirely possible, do be careful on the glass-smooth ice (there is another video where I fall on that ice; well-used road commuting snow tires are not good enough for ice).

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