A standard response, when people compare cycling ride shares between the US and Northern Europe, is that “we’re spread out, they’re not”.

Except, of course, that we’re not.

Update/correction: the census data lists both New York City AND its boroughs, which is a substantial glitch. I found this looking at Wikipedia’s list of cities by density (also uses 2000 Census data), and cross-checking made it clear that there was a big error. The graph, as yet uncorrected, needs to be shifted down by 6 million (minus 8 million for NYC, plus 2 million counting the contribution of the smaller, very-dense places). I would like to incorporate the smaller dense places more generally, but don’t know where that data is yet. Most of the conclusions remain the same; the 10% mark is now at 7600/square mile, and the 1/3 mark is now at 2000/square mile. Read the rest of this entry »

brought to my attention by my wife, who got it from someone else.

The Simple Sabotage Field Manual, declassified, on interference with organizations and production.

Description: http://cgsc.cdmhost.com/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/p4013coll9&CISOPTR=307&CISOBOX=1&REC=11

PDF: http://cgsc.cdmhost.com/cgi-bin/showfile.exe?CISOROOT=/p4013coll9&CISOPTR=307&filename=308.pdf#search=%221944%22
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Snow Tire Review

December 12, 2009

I’ve tried Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106, Schwalbe Marathon Winter, and Schwalbe Snow Stud.

And more recently, Nokian W240.
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Lost the instructions once, never again.
Y ahora en español
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Reference material

June 13, 2008

Useful websites for figuring stuff out
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If you ever wondered why things look “wrong” under fluorescent light, this is why. Read the rest of this entry »

Food and Energy

April 12, 2008

People have studied how much energy it takes to produce food. It’s interesting. You should read about this, too. Read the rest of this entry »